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Iowa State Championship 2019

On February 22nd and 23rd, we competed in the Iowa state championship. We had a very successful day in Iowa city. It all started on Friday when we left from the shop as a team and did our judging portion of the competition at the Marriott. Our judging went very well and our message was well received. We then setup our pit and went to the mall to eat in the food court as a team. Finally, we played games in the hotel lobby before going to bed to rest up for the morning. In the morning the we headed downstairs to our pit where we readied our robot for the day’s competition. We were successful in matches although we had some very difficult matches. By the end of the day we had a record of 2-4 which doesn’t sound too good, however, we had the third highest tie-breaker points which essentially show the difficulty of your matches. We were ranked 18th out of 24 teams. In alliance selection, we were picked by the second ranked team, so we would compete against the third ranked alliance in finals. We won in the semifinal round, so we competed in the finals for our division. Unfortunately, we lost, but the alliance we lost to was made up by arguably the 2 best teams in the state robot-wise. We then watched finals and waited for the awards ceremony. We didn’t move on, but we definitely ended our season on a high note!

State Robot 2019