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Iowa Waverly Super Qualifier 2020

On February 1st, 2020, we went to Waverly, Iowa to compete in this year’s super qualifier. We left the shop at around 6:30 AM and arrived in Waverly around 7:30 AM. We set up the pit but accidentally dropped our robot, which suffered minor damage, we then talked to a few of the other teams and handed out good luck gifts. At around 9:00 AM we went in for judging, which took around fifteen minutes, then headed back to the pit. Next, the drive team went into inspection, where they make sure the robot is working right. After that was the drivers and coaches meeting and opening ceremony. When that finished up they handed out the match schedules for the day. For our first match, we started in the blue alliance and won by two points. The next match we competed in, was match 12 which we won by 42 points. By the fourth win, we were in 1st place for the day and remained in 1st after our last match of the day which was the final qualification match overall. After the qualification matches were over we got first pick for alliance selection. Our alliance members were 12754, Wired Up and,  7247, H20 loo bots. We won the first of the semifinal with 84 to 56. The second match we won 93 to 58. We lost the first of our final matches and in the second match, the strings for the lift broke causing us to lose. After finals were over we had the awards and closing ceremonies. Because we won the Think Award and were the finalist alliance captain we moved on to State.