Our Robot and this Year’s Game

Our robot will be used to compete in the 2017-2018 FTC Relic Recovery game. The robot will fit inside a 18-inch cube, and will be controlled with an Android based java control System.

An FTC match is split up into 3 parts.

  • Autonomous
    •     The robot will follow a pre-defined set of instructions to perform some tasks by using a combination of software logic and sensor inputs.  No team input on controllers or likewise is allowed during this Autonomous period.


  • Tele-Op
    •        The robot will follow commands as given by the drive team, which is comprised of 3 team members for each match.  During the Tele-Op period, the robot will be under the control of the drive team and will continue to try and accomplish point scoring as determined by the game rules.
  • End Game

    •      The robot commands continue to be given by the drive team. During this period, many scoring elements are able to be legally scored. This part of the match lasts 30 seconds.

2017/18 Robot Components Overview

  • Drivetrain
    • One of the most important part of the robot is the drive train. The drive train is the component of the robot that allows the robot to move. Our drive train is made up of CNC machined plates, 4 drive motors, and 4 Mecanum Wheels.
  • Claw

    • Our Claw is used to pick up blocks and place them into the crypto box. It uses 2 servos.

20180127_101528 20180127_101542 20180127_101513

  • “Flapper Slapper”

    • Our “Flapper slapper” is actually a pole connected by one screw to a cheese graiter looking flat metal piece. We use this piece to knock off the jewel at the beginning of the game in autonomous.


  • Mecanum Wheels

    • We use wheel that allow us to move in any direction. We have 4 drive motors. What sets our wheels apart from other peoples is that our wheels have a diameter of 6 inches so we have no problems driving onto the balancing stone.