Our Robot and this Year’s Game

Our robot will be used to compete in the 2020-2021 FTC Ultimate Goal game. The robot will fit inside an 18-inch cube and will be controlled with an Android-based Java control System.


An FTC match is split up into 3 parts

  • Autonomous
    •     The robot will follow a pre-defined set of instructions to perform some tasks by using a combination of software logic and sensor inputs.  No team input on controllers or likewise is allowed during this Autonomous period.


  • Tele-Op
    •        The robot will follow commands as given by the drive team, which is comprised of 3 team members for each match.  During the Tele-Op period, the robot will be under the control of the drive team and will continue to try and accomplish point scoring as determined by the game rules.


  • End Game
    •      The robot commands continue to be given by the drive team. During this period, many scoring elements are able to be legally scored. This part of the match lasts 30 seconds.


2020/2021 Robot Components Overview

  • Drive Train
    • One of the most important parts of the robot is the drive train. The drive train is the component of the robot that allows the robot to move. Our drive train is made up of a CNC machined plate, 4 drive motors, and 4,  3″ Mecanum Wheels.Delta Drive train photo
  • Wheel Intake
    •  Currently, our intake design is in the prototype stage for our gen-two version. The design that we currently have is a conveyor with a piece of particle board on top to aid in moving the ring up our conveyor. there is also a row of wheels that will sit in front of our conveyor to help pull the rings up and onto the conveyor.


  • Wobble goal arm
    • We went through two designs and then came to the final design. our first design was a 3-D printed design we came up with based on a that we used for a different year. The next design we made was because the first design was too small of a hit area. It was a u-shaped piece of particle board with a servo attached to the side. Our final design was made by CAD and is basically the same thing but this time it has two claws on one side and a single claw on the other side that grabs the wobble goal.



  • Shooter

    • For our current shooter, we have a wheel that is directly attached to a motor that allows it to spin at high speeds.  We also have a plate that the ring will sit on that has walls on both sides to keep the ring inside the shooter until it is shot out the end.


  • Hopper

    • For our hopper, the current design is a small box-like structure that holds the ring inside of it. the hopper is attached directly to the back of the shooter and a servo that is attached to it on the nack has a small arm that pushes the rings forward into the shooter